Past Project Contracts



We have worked with Fortune 2000 and Government 1000 companies and agencies, as well as lesser-known brands, to provide services to, both, small and large organizations. Our clients and employers, know us as the engine behind many of their most spectacular innovations, campaigns, products and projects. We greatly enjoys projects which contribute to the local, regional or global community.


– Product Lead, Project Director: Federal award winner, top innovation winner, highest metrics mobile power company.

– Senior Architect, Product Developer, Patent Awardee: Launched, first-ever, global torrent web video/music broadcasting service and handheld video/music player. Awarded seminal patents.

– Managing Director: Innovation for global good via product development.

– Senior Architect, Product Lead, Program Lead: Credited by the U.S. Patent Office, industry journals and broadcast news, as the creator of wearable computers, VR & augmented reality glasses, tactile VR surfaces, and VR chambers such as “The Cave” and “The Holodeck”.

– Creator, Program Lead: National public modern safe home building program with National Association of HomeBuilders and Partnership For Advanced Technology In Housing, featured in national promotional event.

– Senior Product Engineer, System Developer: The first commercial balloon launched sensor/comm P2P system and the first electric drive sky platform. Previous staffer on first U.S. private commercial rocket launch team. Seminal patent award.

– Associate Program Director: Tactical public policy and large scale campaign resources.

– Investigation Operative: Senior Task Force Operative on multi-organization White Collar Team with 100% success rate.

– Campaign Coordinator, Policy Lead, Expert Witness: We helped drive multiple federal laws into fruition and enforcement including the SEC “Crowd-Funding” law worki g with the U.S. Congress

– Awardee, Designer, Architect, Inventor: Multiple patents for products now in use by tens of millions of customers, globally.

– Senior Consulting Producers.

From The White House, to Mayors’ offices, to heads of industry, to community leaders, to top corporate clients, to leading government agencies; we have received constant praise for our innovation, ethics, dedication and professionalism.

Investors in some of our past projects have received top market Return-on-Investment, in either cash return+profit, or ongoing valuation increase.


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